Angela Ardolino heads Avid Growing Systems Partnership Program in Florida

Patrick Gagné and Angela Ardolino


Avid Growing Systems is pleased to announce our new partnership with Angela Ardolino, former publisher of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

Avid Crewing with Angela ArdolinoCEO Patrick Gagné welcomes Angela’s passion and commitment to making medical marijuana more accessible to patients in Florida. Recently Angela grew frustrated seeing countless families facing major health problems, for which no traditional medical treatment or pharmacological remedy was proving effective, affordable, and safe—all while knowing that cannabis products provided relief and oftentimes recovery, but were not yet legal in Florida.

With a constitutional amendment providing for medical marijuana on Florida’s 2016 ballot, Ardolino sold her ownership of the parenting publication to partner with Avid Growing Systems in launching CannaCure in the US, a company dedicated to cultivating and processing the purest medical cannabis products, with the lowest environmental impact.

The entire AVID team stands with Angela in bringing pharmaceutical-grade cannabis to Florida.


Patrick Gagné
Chief Executive Officer

Angela Ardolino
Host and CEO